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The burden of proof

October 15, 2009

“Show me that the Bible says Christians can be nudists”

 “Where does the Bible say going around naked with your friends is acceptable?”

 “Show some scriptures to back up your arguments or else they’re all just rubbish”

These are things I’ve seen Christians who oppose nudism say quite frequently. Whenever someone says that Christians are permitted to be nudists, those who oppose nudism say “Find me some proof texts from the Bible that say that, or else it’s not true”. The problem here is that you can’t use the Bible in such a way to support or oppose many behaviours, nudism included. Rather, behaviours that are not explicitly commanded in the Bible (Evangelizing, helping the poor, meeting with other believers, etc.) do not require proof from the Bible to be practiced. Instead, people must find proof in the Bible that those behaviours are not permitted.

For example, let’s imagine an issue facing the church is “should Christians eat at restaurants”. It would be illogical for anyone to say “Show me Bible verses stating that Christians can eat at restaurants, otherwise it should be considered a sin”. What would be logical is for a person to prove that the Bible forbids Christians to eat at restaurants.

The same thing is true for a host of other activities the Church finds itself in. Should Christians fly on planes? Use computers? Celebrate birthdays? Give gifts at Christmas? Listen to music written by non-Christians? There are thousands upon thousands of things Christians do that are impossible to prove as acceptable from the Bible because the Bible doesn’t ever explicitly say “This behaviour is ok to engage in”.

The same is true of Nudism. If someone believes that the Bible forbids Christians of both genders from engaging in non-sexual social nudity with each other, let that person prove that our lifestyle is wrong. We can engage in civilized debate and figure out if those verses actually prove nudism is sinful, but do not expect us to prove our every action is permitted by the Bible.


A comment to Andy

October 14, 2009

This is my response to a comment left by a visiter named “Andy” on the “About” page. I’ve decided to copy it and post it here because it details how we approached our friend ‘Sarah’ to invite her to come with us to the nude beach.


Hello Andy,
Thanks for the comment! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I was visiting relatives for thanksgiving.
I understand your situation with your friends. We have a few friends who are accepting of our lifestyle but only ‘Sarah’ has ever joined us in nude activities.

Before we approached Sarah about the topic of nudism we first tried to see what her feelings on the subject were. I said to her something to the effect of “So, I was reading about Nudism, and nudism in Christianity lately, what do you think about it?” and discussed it with her first. I saw that she was fairly open to the notion that Christians can be nudists without sinning, so I knew it would probably be safe to approach her. When we first told ‘Sarah’ about us being nudist she was mostly surprised. My wife has a “good little Christian girl” image, so Sarah had some difficulty believing that my wife would willingly frolick on the sand completely bare but we eventually convinced her we weren’t just joking with her. Sarah was initially quite accepting and curious about our lifestyle when we told her (And she still is accepting of it), which we felt was very encouraging.

To actually invite Sarah to join us I simply told her that my wife and I were going to the nude beach, she was welcome to come with us, and that she could keep her clothes on if she wanted to and could go nude if she was comfortable but she wasn’t required to. The most important factor, though, is that my wife was fine with it. Women will tend to be suspicious of men who invite them to walk around completely naked. Because my wife would be present and would join in with us Sarah could feel more comfortable about the whole situation.

Thanks for your interest and your support, I hope to hear from you again!

Messed up priorities, or Why do people care more about breasts than blood?

October 4, 2009

  I was thinking the last few days about how incredibly screwed up our society’s values are. Non-sexual, innocent nudity is considered so harmful to children that great pains are taken to ensure that children are never exposed to the human body, TV isn’t allowed to show nudity during timesof the day when children might stumble across it. Yet, acts of horrific violence and torture can be shown during those times. Why do people think that a 10 year old can’t handle the sight of entirely non-sexual nudity, but they can handle watching people be shot, stabbed, dismembered, and blown up?

It’s not just TV and movies, either. Video games suffer from the same sort of messed up censorship as well. When the game “Mass Effect” came out, there was a big uproar over the seconds-long scene involving very limited nudity at a point in the plot when one character has sex with another, yet the hours of violence and killing weren’t important. The game “The Witcher” also had a similar experience. The Witcher follows Geralt, a monster-slayer for hire who is also a prolific lady’s man, who occasionally has sex with a handful of women in between killing monsters (of both the human and animal variety). After being with a woman the game unlocks an erotic collectible card featuring a picture of her that the player can view at any time. When The Witcher came to North America, these cards were censored and the game was still given a  ‘Mature’ rating (Mature means it is meant to be played only by people aged 17 or older). Yes, the collectible cards were sexual in nature but the fact still remains that killing hundreds of people is acceptable while the sight of a computer-animated woman’s nipples is not.

I am not, by any means, suggesting children should be allowed to view pornography. Sexualized nudity is the opposite of what Nudism attempts to accomplish. I am not even saying we should make it so that all children are exposed to non-sexual nudity. All I am saying is that it shows how messed up society’s values are when children are shielded from the mere sight of the body parts that all human beings have, even in completely innocent and non-sexual situations, but bloody violence is fine.

P.S.: Before anyone accuses me of being anti-gaming, I should inform you that I’m an avid gamer. I’ve played both Mass Effect and The Witcher through to the end and enjoyed them both. As an adult in his mid 20s, I feel I am mature enough to handle fictional violence in a way that a 10 year old can’t. These games were merely examples of how people will focus entirely on breasts while ignoring blood.